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How to add funds to your account as a user

Adding funds to your account is quite straight forward. Once you are logged in, follow these steps below to complete your transaction.

Go to your dashboard and click on Accounts, a sidebar pops up. Click on Add Funds, here is how mine looks below.

You would then be directed to the Add Funds page where you can then select which of the available payment methods are available. In this case, there are about 4 payment options integrated, so i will choose Paypal for this illustration.

Now enter the amount you will like to deposit as it is shown below.

Once you’ve entered the amount you would like to deposit make sure you click on ”I Agree to terms and conditions” then proceed.

By clicking on the Add Funds button as shown below.

After the previous process, you will be directed to this page to proceed your payment with ease. Click on the paypal  link bar, your invoice payment should be on it’s way after clicking.

This is the final page you will be directed to, which means your invoice has been paid.


After payment, you can then check your Balance to see your new account balance. Just redirect to the dashboard to see your new account balance.

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