Super Admin's Panel

Welcome to FHBRS

Thank you for installing FHBRS. We are glad to have you on board. Every installation passes through a free 7 days usage period with the full features provided. Even if you have already paid for the subscription there is an additional 7 days added to the subscription to enable you install and configure your site correctly.

The knowledgebase is very detailed and it helps you, your resellers and your end users navigate and it also explains most of the features built.

If this is your first installation, you must work closely with a support staff to help make sure your configuration is fully set and ready for use. We have several documentations on how you can build your Modules or how to modify existing ones. Modules are very important features which help in making deliveries of products automated and instant. If you won’t need to automatically deliver products then you don’t have to border about modules .

We offer free modules development. If you have an active subscription with us, we would also build the payment options you would need if your desired payment methods haven’t been pre-built. Though there are simple API guides towards achieving this which has already been written and can be found on this Knowledgebase directory.

As a team and a Company; we are dedicated towards your success, growth and expansion and we would be happy to assist on how your business grows using FHBRS.

We provide a free support to you as the Super Admin forever as long as you have an active subscription. Please keep all Technical questions and enquires via the Tickets only.



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