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Understanding What Custom Renew Hours & Continious Discount Means When Creating A Coupon

The custom renew hours is to change the default renewal date for a product. This works especially when you want to offer some test services or some trial features. If your product would be renewed Monthly for example, instead of the service to last for 1 Month; you can set the custom renew hours to let’s say 10 days. So when a user uses this coupon, the order would expire after 10 days instead of the normal 30 or 31 days in a Month.

This feature is perfect if you want users to test a service for a short time, while they then renew at the original price.


Note: If you set continuous discount, users would continue to get the discounted rate even when they renew. If you set, 50% discount and you turn on Continuous discount. The product would continue to renew at the discounted price as long as the discount is Still Active.


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