Understanding how the Multi currency works

In other to give a local presence to all businesses, customers would see prices in their local currencies based on their browsing IP addresses irrespective of the site’s default currency. This method has been proven to increase sales X30% from previous tests.

Invoices are seen before checkout in prices they choose to pay also. Example: If your IP based currency is showing EUR, at checkout you can still decide to change to any other currency of your choice from the change currency option on top of the billing page.


For reference purposes, invoices are shown in both the site’s default currency and the customer’s local currency. If invoice is recurrent based, its easier for the customer to remember which currency was used during checkout and the payment method used which makes recurrent billing much more easier.

Allowing all customers see prices in their local currencies have been a major milestone achieved towards increasing sales across all reseller’s website. Integrating which payment method fits the multiple currencies is left for Super Admins and Resellers to manage.

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