API - Super Admin

Understanding how the additional payment integration works for Super Admins


FHBRS was built to be very flexible and can be integrated by any developer in the simplest possible way. For whatever programming language you want to use, this simple guide will show you how to add additional payment methods to your billing & user area as the Super Admin.


Note: This instruction is not for resellers, this instruction is for Super Admins on how they can add default payment methods to the system.


The Flow => We send you some POST value about the transaction => you process it & => return payment details to an end point then redirect the user to a specified link.


Example: Someone on your site want to make an order with Paypal for example, and clicks PAY, we send some POST vales to the Payment method’s processing link. When you receive those values, you use it to process payments and then return either failed or success with some POST values earlier sent and other details given by the payment processor. The following are the POST values we send to the processing link you have specified.

  • transaction_token
  • user_email
  • total_amount
  • currency
  • payment_type
  • transaction_name
  • billing_name
  • billing_fname
  • billing_lname
  • billing_oname
  • billing_email
  • billing_phone
  • billing_address
  • billing_company_name
  • biling_postal_code
  • billing_city
  • billing_state
  • billing_country (ex. US, CA)



These POST values are sent to the URL specified for processing. If payment is successful or not, you then send the following POST values to the end API given. The end API is seen when creating the additional payment method via the panel.

  • transaction_token (return this value sent from the first process)
  • payment_status (1 for success, 2 for failed, 3 for canceled)
  • payment_transaction_id (given by the payment processor)
  • other_info (other information about the payment you think you should send for storing)
  • api_private_key (your private key)


If you don’t return all these values to the end API given , this won’t work correctly. You MUST return the values to the end API given either payment was successful or not. This would enable the application work correctly by notifying the user and also marking the payment as FAILED. This would also be useful  for your statistical records.

The processing link must be set from the super admin panel, this is the processing link for the payment method. Link MUST be in full path beginning with http:// or https://.  If you are adding additional payment methods, make sure you set all required fields.

Everything happens on the processing link you specified; you receive, process and return to us then redirect the user to a link. If payment is successful or not, you should return users to https://yourdomain/bill/?order-status. If payment is successful or not, just redirect users to  https://yourdomain/bill/?order-status