Introduction To FHBRS – Free [Hosting] Billing Reselling Solution

This is the very beginning to our numerous documentations. We shall be putting into documentation every feature on FHBRS on how they work and how to use them.

We understand that no application will work effectively without proper documentation so we have invested our time and resources towards making this knowledgebase simple and easy to understand.

FHBRS is an application that simplifies the whole reselling system. According to study, web hosting companies make more revenue easily using our solution. It’s pretty easy to have more than 50,000 resellers reselling your hosting services using FHBRS.

If properly advertised with the right packages and pricing, we are confident that FHBRS would increase hosting revenue.  Documentations here are segmented into various areas. Super admin docs, Reseller doc, and user’s doc with some other general documentation. We try to focus on the exact topic and solution with screenshots if possible to make the whole process much easier.


Thank you!

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