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How to view your user details as a reseller

As a reseller, user details is a page where you can view users that has already registered on your website. We would be explaining the process how you can easily navigate to the page.





Step one. Click on reseller on the left bar tabs. Once you’ve clicked on that, a new bar pops up then navigate to user details. Once you’ve done that, you will be directed to your user details page.



















Here is the continuation of the previous explanation about the navigation. You can see the arrow leading you to the user details page below.


















Here is the user page. The name of the user who has already registered on the website. You can also view their email, address, city, state and country on this table shown below:
















You could also perform more action by viewing user. Just navigate to ”View User” as it is shown on my screen here below.

















After clicking on view users you will be directed to this page where you will be able to view your ”User Information”  which would be Name, Phone, Address, Email and many more as you can see below.

















In addition, you will be able to access your user information which is their payment transaction history information (Amount, Credit, Debit, Balance, Currency and Date). Information such as ”Activity” is not also left behind. (Browser used, IP address and date). Just as you can see below.

















Lastly. After all users page there is a sub page called ”All Activities” this is just as similar as the previous page detailed “All activities”  is also where you view all activities of your user such as  email they used, browser, IP address and date.













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