Super Admin's Panel

How to view/edit all existing products & select product image as the Super Admin

Here we would be guiding you on how you can view all existing products, edit and also change product image as the super admin.





From your dashboard navigate to Super Admin, once you’ve performed the action a box menu pops up with ”Products” click on product and select ”Product and Modules”.









































Once you’ve selected ”Product and Modules” a page like this opens which allows you view all existing products and edit. It also shows you all your product information like Product ID, Name, Duration, Product Image, Addon, Configuration, Module, Status and Action. As you can see on my screenshot below.


















Here, we would be giving you a simple  step on how you can add/select image product. Just navigate to ”Set Product Image” once you’ve done that select your preferred image from your web gallery as you can see below in my own sample.

















You can simply also edit your Product by navigating to ”Edit Product” then fill in your editing details and click on update which would update the product.





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