Reseller's Panel

How to view all customer invoices as a reseller

Invoices are shown either paid or not. If you are a reseller for a subscription based licensed system, then this even becomes more interesting as you are able to view pending invoices, paid and unpaid. Generally, these invoices are receipts for what your customers have paid for, or haven’t paid for which they can also download. Here are the steps to view all invoices as a reseller.





Step one, you click on the reseller link as it is shown on this arrow description below.



















Once you’ve navigated to the reseller link ”Orders & Finance” appears in the next bar as you can see below.



















After you’ve performed the previous action by clicking, it shows this way then proceed by clicking on ”Invoice” as you can see below.




















This is the view of the ”Invoice” page from my screen. This is where you see your invoice receipt,  paid and unpaid invoice.




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