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How to track conversions for your reseller site

This works seamlessly for those who want to track how their Marketing campaigns are doing. We have created a very simple tracking system for Resellers.

From your Reseller Dashboard —> Statistics —> Traffic —> Conversion History

Here you would be able view all conversions from all your AD campaign links used. There are 2 types of conversions happening on your site; first is the main registration from /register and the other from /bill. 



Basically, we track how many users visited the site and from which platform. Then we also want to know which user registered either via the normal registration page or from the billing’s page. There is a simple track method to do this. We have the ‘r’ GET value to use for special links which will act as an identifier for the link.

Example: If you want to advertise on Facebook, and if your reseller website is then on Facebook to easily track your ADs do something like just specify that as your landing page ‘remember to replace to your own reseller domain name and Facebook to what ever value you want’

So will send users to that link above then our tracking algorithm will tell you when that user visits your website, registers or later buys a service from your website.

You can also further improve your AD tracking to a specific AD on Facebook if you have several ADs running on Facebook. or you can specify it with a particular id.


On this page Reseller —> Statistics —> Traffic —> Conversion History

You would be able to see how many users registered or completed an order. If the user registered, you would see this from the statistics page. From the Identifier column, you would see the value you placed during link insert.

If you add Facebook as value then you would see Facebook returned for that user on the platform column else you would see Facebook(bill) if the user created an account during checkout.


Follow the steps below to navigate to your Conversion page.




First click on reseller at the left bar tabs. Once you’ve clicked on that a short bar, pops up with the list of options click on traffic as you can see below on the arrow direction sign.

















After you’ve performed the previous action, it directs you to this page which is your conversion history page. Here is where you view all your conversions from all your AD campaigns. Along side name, mails, countries, date, identifier as you can see below my screen


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