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How to set your Notification tone

Setting your notification is very simple and easy. Once you’ve completed your profile and set your security questions, the next thing is to select a notification tone. Follow these steps to select a notification tone.


Go to dashboard and click on accounts



Once you click on Account, a sidebar pops up. Click on profile from the options given.


Clicking on the profile will lead you to your profile page.

Under your profile, scroll down to the notification section.


The next step is to select your desired notification tone from the list of tones on the notification page. For this example, we will select “Double Bell”.


Once you’ve selected a notification tone of your choice, hit on the “Select Notification Tone” button at the bottom of the page section to save the changes.


Once you click on the Select button, your settings are saved, and a confirmation message pos up on your screen at the top. The message reads that “your notification tone has been set to Double Bell”.

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