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How to set up your site configuration as a reseller

This is a very important configuration which must be completed by every reseller before reselling can be possible. It consists of basic details which would be needed for your reseller site to function correctly. Below are the steps towards how you can get this done.






From your reseller dashboard navigate to setup, click on ”Site Configuration”. Once you’ve done that, you will be directed to the configuration setup page. As shown below.






























Now the first thing to do is to set up your website url as you can see below. Then move to site name which means the name you want to use for your site and also site title.










































Next step is to enter your ”Site Description” i.e what your website entails once you are done with that move to the next phase which is ”Time Zone”.






























Once you’ve input your time zone, next is your social media url as you can see below facebook & twitter url.






























Next step is to input your site currency could be dollars, pounds, euros or whatever (this cannot be modified later on) then navigate to email sender name and also SMS sender name as it is shown below.












































Now you enter your company name and your company address. The information you put here is what would show on your customer’s invoice.





























Then enter your company city, company state and your company postal code to continue as it shown below.









































Lastly, enter your company location which is country, email footer configuration.












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