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How to set & modify product prices as the Super Admin

Setting your product price is required for your products to work correctly and it also stands as the base in which your resellers would set theirs also. Product prices are for direct checkout on your website and also the default price for your resellers. Follow the steps below on how you can set your product prices.





From your dashboard navigate to Super admin, once you’ve performed the action a box menu pops up with ”Products”. Select ”Product and Modules”. Then navigate straight to ”Product Price”.






































As a super admin, here is the simple step on how you can set up your price. Navigate to ”New Price Rule” once you’ve done that, a small page pops up which allows you to set up your price with duration option which could be onetime, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Then enter the cost and the renewal cost, after that click on save. Once you’ve saved, the price automatically appears on your product price dashboard. See image description below.






















If your product doesn’t need a renewal cost, you can just add the same amount for cost and renewal.






Editing the price too is done on the same page. Just click on the edit button and easily modify your price.
























If you modify a price, it’s modified across all resellers’ prices with the equivalent increase or decrease. Example, if old price is $10 and you modified it to $15 (50% increase), the system would automatically modify all resellers’ cost to an increase of 50% and an email notification would be sent to them for a price change if this has been configured to true.

This is to help stabilize the prices and keep resellers’ prices on the same percentage profit they have set. This would also happen if price is reduced.

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