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How to set a reseller subscription as the super admin

You can either decide to allow resellers resell your service for free or for a fee. If you want your resellers to pay an amount Monthly or Yearly before they can resell your services, then this is how to go about it.


1) First enable this feature from the settings page, below is how to navigate there;

Super Admin –> Site Configuration –> Site SetUp –> General (tab)

On this page locate Reselling Fee and turn it on


2) Create a product and the name should be Reselling Fee. Here, you can then choose either you want it Monthly subscription, Yearly subscription or both. The category can be whatever you want, no need for addons or modules.

Remember to hide it from the list of products and completely hide it from available list of products too.

Note: The word Reselling Fee when creating the product name is case sensitive. Reselling Fee is different from RESELLING FEE or reselling fee.


Each time the reseller renews this product, their website would be live, else customers visiting that url would see an error message.

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