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How to install FHBRS

Before you begin to install FHBRS, please make sure you have read about the server requirements & the required extensions Here. The following steps should be followed to successfully install FHBRS on your server.


Download and extract the files to your ROOT FOLDER (public_html) on your server.

For command line, you should download directly to your website’s public_html folder, first enter the folder which should be

cd /home/cpaneluser/public_html and then do

wget to download the installation files easily.




It’s necessary you place the files on your root directory as the installation won’t proceed if you don’t do this.

When the files are extracted, then visit this link from the browser https://yourdomain then it will take you to https://yourdomain/install


When you begin the installation of FHBRS, the first index page will look like this;


All boxes need to show Green to qualify for the next step, else please read this link on how to set the extensions





Insert your Key. This could either be your trial or paid key. To get a trial key, you can access it from here and checkout to get your Trial key which cost absolutely nothing and requires no credit card. Use the word TRIAL as coupon to checkout with $0 using the Account Funds as payment method.

If everything is correct from Step 2, This box should show and you should be able to insert your license Key. The License type cannot be changed, please make sure you select the correct License Type.  If Key is correct and not formally used, then your installation should proceed to the next stage.



Here we would set the server details. The details required here are the CPanel Login details and not the WHM details. FHBRS would connect to your server to add addon domains when the reseller adds a domain and to also create custom email address and sub domains if enabled.


If your server has a database prefix, then you need to enter both the prefix and database name you want it to create. If your database prefix is fhbrs_   so in this case you should enter fhbrs_databasename into the database name input. databasename is whatever name you want to use as your databse name.


The next step is to set some basic startup configurations. The Currency value cannot be changed! Make sure you select the correct currency for your installation. THE CURRENCY CANNOT BE CHANGED!


Every other details can be changed, but the currency and the domain  cannot be changed.

Why Currency Cannot Be Changed? FHBRS is structured in such a way that there is high flexibility in currency usage and management so that when resellers too chooses a default currency their customers too can checkout in any currency from their website.

Example. Super Admin sets USD as default currency, Reseller sets EUR as default currency for his account, if user is browsing from Canada, he can checkout and see prices in CAD.

There is a serious currency conversion function happening across all websites as FHBRS fetches live updates of currency conversion from several APIs to make sure they are all up to date. So the constant change of Super Admin’s default currency would foster some irregularities to the whole system likewise reseller’s currency too.



The next step is where you setup your first Super admin Login details.

Agree to the terms and conditions and then proceed to the next stage.



This is the final installation page. If everything is successful you should see this page and then wait for the redirect to your panel login page.





Thank You!

We can help install FHBRS for you for free! Contact Us!


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