How to generate more sales online offering a free reselling model for customers

The cost to successfully run an online business could amount into a budget of thousands of dollars monthly depending on the business niche.  Most times, it takes lots of efforts and funding for startups to scale through the important early stages of the business.

Affiliate and reselling has been a business model well known to increase sales easily and there are several online tools businesses can adopt to achieve better sales at a lower cost.


FHBRS is a reselling software built for businesses who sell digital products online. With FHBRS, businesses can offer  their services to anyone to resell for free with a fully functional reseller website.  Some of the industries already successfully using FHBRS are as follows;

  • Web hosting businesses: Here, a web hosting company can offer a free reselling system for resellers to resell all their services. The hosting services already configured on FHBRS are domains, shared hosting, VPS, VPS Cloud, Dedicated servers and several hosting Addons.

The interesting selling point is that, resellers don’t need to worry about web design as there are ready to use templates already pre-designed. They don’t need to worry about support as the main hosting company will provide support for their customers, they don’t need to worry about order completion as the hosting company would complete the orders. They just point a domain, setup their reseller site, make profit then withdraw.


  • SMS Sending Businesses: FHBRS also has a module for SMS Businesses, making it possible for businesses to provide for resellers a free SMS reselling system. Here resellers don’t need to worry about SMS unit Pre-Funding, web site design, support and the rest. They just point a domain, adjust SMS prices, make profit and withdraw


  • Online Ticket & Downloadable(s):  Businesses who resell online tickets can easily provide an excellent online ticket reselling system for interested resellers. Resellers would get a fully functional ticketing website for free, with lots of available events to resell.


FHBRS as a web software provides these functionalities to businesses who want to install and use FHBRS on their server for a Monthly subscription fee. The selling points of this software are as follows;


  • Integration & Self hosted:  It’s very easy to install and use. It’s also a self-hosted application which makes it possible for the business to host on whatever server location, as desired.
  • Global Coverage: Businesses don’t need to worry about how to cover the world, with FHBRS this would be possible from the official domain.
  • Multi Currencies: There are over 200 currencies businesses can use to further encourage localization. Users would see prices in their local currencies automatically.
  • Multi Payment Options: There are lots of payment options businesses can easily activate.
  • Custom Integrations: If the business model needs additional features to work with FHBRS, they are normally done even before the licenses are paid for.
  • Support: There are excellent support systems provided by FHBRS for all businesses using the software.
  • Documentations: There are tons of documentations to help both the businesses, resellers and even end users.
  • Updates & Maintenance: Regular fixes and upgrades are done by the FHBRS team.
  • Simply structured APIs: There are APIs available for use by all the parties using the software.
  • Secured: FHBRS has lots of built and improved security features tailored towards enhancing the effective use of the software.

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