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How to modify your email template as a reseller

So as a reseller, we’ve created an avenue where by you can modify your own email template. Here we would be sharing the guides on how you can do that successfully.






Here is the first guide/step. From your reseller dashboard navigate to ”Template & Design”. Once you’ve done that, two options pops up which are ”website template and email template” since this guide is all about email template. Click on ”Email Template” to move to the next page. See below on my screen with the red arrows about the explanatory.






























So after you’ve performed the previous action you would be directed to this page which is the template design page with different template samples which you can select any of your preferred choice. As you can see below on my screen I am selecting template 2 (TEM2) as an example once you’ve selected your template, scroll down and click on ”Choose Template” see as it is shown below.




























From the previous process once you’ve chosen your preferred template, you will be directed to this page with notification message at the top, written ”Your template has been saved” after that continue by clicking on ”Edit Template” as you can see below.

















Once you’ve performed the previous action you will be directed to the next page with a clickable bar at the left corner with a text ”Modify Header Logo” click on it. Then choose an image logo or web you’ve prepared to use for your email template icon. Once you’ve selected your image, click on select. As you can see below.






























As you can see below ”Email Template updated , your logo has been modified” that would be the first message you will get at the top of the next page once you’ve selected the image button in the previous page. Now you can see my own web logo as it is shown directly on the second arrow.


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