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How to contact Support as a user

To contact ”Support” as a user, log into your dashboard and follow these steps:

Once you log into your dashboard, click on ”Support” a sidebar pops up.

Click on any of the Department from the lists available, in this case I will select the ‘General Department’ from the options given below ”Pupple  bar on General” you can see on my screen description, a new text pops up after clicking.


After clicking you will be directed to this page you can see below, fill the sections.

NB: ”Ticket ID” This is your ticket ID. It’s integrated as default on that section, meaning it can’t be edited or changed.

On the ”Selection Department” you can select the support department you will like to contact. After that, enter your ”Subject/Title” then proceed with your ”Message”, attach your file if you want to upload any by clicking on ”Choose file” on the section. Lastly, proceed by clicking on the submit ticket.

From my end, this is how conversation looks like.

If the issue has been resolved, then you can go ahead to close the ticket. Looking at the right corner of the screen  shown below. Close ticket appears, close the ticket.


Once you’ve closed your ticket, you would get response shown below telling you ”Ticket has been closed”.


The ticket will be automatically closed after a specific date if no response was made on the ticket. The number of days varies by the Admin’s configuration. Default is 3 days.
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