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How to complete your user profile

To complete your profile as a user, you need to first log into your user account (or signup if you have not yet signed up for an account). Once you are logged in, follow these steps to complete your profile.


Go to dashboard and click on accounts



Once you click on Account, a sidebar pops up. Click on profile from the options given.


Clicking on the profile will lead you to your profile page with all the information you need to provide.

Under this section, you’d see a space for your:

First name

Last name

Other Name

Email address: (this would be the email address used to verify your account)

Phone number: Use a valid phone number

Address: Your home or office address

City: The city where your address is located

State: The state where you are located

Zip Code: Your area should have a valid zip code. Please insert it into the box

Country: Specify your country

Payment address: This is very essential since this address would be where your affiliate commissions will be sent to. In this case, our payment address is a USDT address. Please do not insert an address that is not your payment address or you risk losing all your affiliate commissions.

Once you’ve inserted all information correctly, it’s time to crosscheck and hit the update button.



Once you hit the Update button, your information will be updated successfully if all you have provided is correct. You would see a notification or pop-up like the one shown below.

The next thing after completing your profile is to complete the security questions.

NB: The example given above is for hosting users. This can also be used for other services such as SMM, SMS, email marketing, etc.



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