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How to buy a domain name

A domain name refers to your website address. This is what users type in a browser’s search bar to directly access your website. A domain name is unique and cannot be shared between different sites. For example: We would be guiding you on how you can buy your own domain name with the steps we would be sharing below.






From your panel navigate to ”New Order” as you can see below.

















Here is the page you will be directed to after you must have clicked on the ”New Order” as it’s been directed in step 1. fill in the menu space bar with your domain name and click on the small right  arrow in the blue box to proceed. Here is my sample as you can see below.








































You will be directed to a cart page after you’ve performed the previous action your next step is to click on ”Add to Cart” once you’ve clicked on it, it changes to added. You can also load more tlds, then click on ”Proceed to checkout” to continue.



























So the next page you will be directed to is your confirm order details and your order summary page which is invoice. NB: in your ”Confirm order details” you can increase the number of years you want to register from 1yr to any number of your choice with plus button sign. Here I am giving a sample of 1yr to 3yrs as you can see below. So once you’ve selected that, navigate to proceed on the right side where your receipt invoice is.







































For the next step, you have to click on ”Add New Billing” to proceed to the next step. Once you’ve clicked on it, a small page pops up which allows you to enter your information details of your new billing. After you’ve done that, click on ”Add billing & create account” to continue.






























Once you’ve added billing and created account, you navigate to select billing after you’ve done that, it automatically changes to selected. Then you navigate and click on proceed to move the next phase of this guide as you can see below my screen.






























After you’ve click on proceed you will be directed to a page which is the configuration setup page. It would request you to  input your domain server. You can input up to 4. Although here in my screen I am inputting just 2 as you can see below then click on save and continue.

















The next page you will be directed to is payment page where you will make payment for your domain name. Here we are making use of  ”Flutterwave” for our payment test. Click on your preferred payment option. Once you’ve clicked the payment, web banner appears on your screen instantly with agree to terms and condition tick box. Make sure you click on it to tick. Once you have done that, proceed by clicking on ”Click here to pay via your payment method”.





























Here is the flutterwave invoice page, as you can see below with details. Then navigate to ”Click here to pay invoice via flutterwave” click on it to proceed. The payment you have selected should be similar to the screenshot below;


















Once your payment has been made successful you will be directed to this page with details of your order confirmation status.

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