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How to build your custom template for your reseller site [custom design]

This custom design guide is for those who want to build their front end to suit their own taste of design. This is also suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to share designs with other resellers using the same template. To attain full white label, building your custom front view would be recommended.

In order to enable resellers have more control of what is displayed and how it’s being displayed on their front view, this article guides anyone who want to achieve this. The reseller’s site can be designed and hosted from any server and with any site builder, just follow the guide below.







ACTIVE DOMAIN:  First thing first, your domain should be active. If you haven’t pointed your domain yet, you should point your domain and insert it to the Site Configuration Page, Learn More.






THE DESIGN: You can purchase a hosting anywhere with a different domain. You can use any domain for this purpose, just look for a cheap domain for this purpose as the domain won’t be promoted since it’s just a tool to achieve an aim.  You can also just install WordPress or your favorite Website builder on a sub domain or a new domain as you wish.

So let’s say our main domain is which has been added as our main domain from the example above. Here, I can purchase an independent hosting with a domain anywhere or if you already have one, let’s say the domain here is So, on this new host you control with a Cpanel access then install WordPress or your website builder.



From the example above,using a sample of designing on So there is a special link name you must use for which is where the actual design is.





HOME PAGE index or empty YES
ABOUT US about-us NO
CONTACT US contact-us NO
DOMAIN PRICES domain-pricing NO
SHARD HOSTING shared-web-hosting NO
VPS vps NO
VPS CLOUD vps-cloud NO


TERMS & CONDITIONS terms-conditions NO
PRIVACY POLICY privacy-policy NO
REFUND POLICY refund-policy NO
LEARN MORE learning-more NO
OFFERS offers NO


COUPONS coupons NO
CARRIER carriers NO
DOMAIN RESELLER domain-resellers NO
PAYMENT OPTIONS payment-options NO
NEWSLETTER newsletter NO
HOW TO howto NO


ADDONS addons NO
SECURITY security NO
DDOS ddos NO
SMM smm NO



Page Name: This is the name of the page/link you are building

Page Link: This is what you must call the link of the page. Example, your About Us page must have this link http(s)://your-domain.extension/about-us. If you don’t name the links as directed, your pages won’t work correctly.

Required?: Some pages are important and they should exist, others which are not required are optional depends on your needs and the type of reseller site you are building.




Images: Your images must be in full part. WordPress calls their images in full part. In case you are building from scratch or something, make sure images are called in full part.

Prices: The prices would appear as you want them and as you have set them from your Reseller Panel. We also have price API, if you are able to connect the price API to your custom site, then each time there is a price change, it would automatically change on your website too.

Links For Billing: Make sure you link the ‘Order Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ links to the appropriate order page. Here are the respective links. Remember that you would be linking using your main domain added to your panel and not the link you hosted your design on.

For our example, our main domain placed in the panel is and we are building on Then, inside when building all the external links should point as Cos users would be navigating within which is the main domain.


Important About Links: Every link in your website must be on the approved link type else your site will be lost in the whole setup. All links in the site you are building must be in the main url and not your design url.

Example if you are building with WordPress ‘’ and  the main domain added to your panel is, if you want to link inside your design site, you must link them using your main domain

A closer example, If you are designing the About Us page, first you name it about-us, normally the link would be, but on the header inside your design, you would link it as Every link inside the design site must be the main domain url not the actual domain you are working with to host the website.


Domain Name Check: You should send the value to the billing segment each time someone want to check for a domain name. Input name should be called domain then the action should be https://your-domain/bill/index.php, then method must be POST. Full domain must be entered when searching example. and not just fhbrs.








LINK TO PANEL: If you are done with the design, now it’s time to attach these links to your website from your Reseller’s Panel. When you are logged in, Navigate to the Reseller Tab, and locate ‘Custom Designs’. First enable it!

Note: Do not enable if you are not ready to replace the with your external design, else your reseller site will show empty pages!

After this option has been enabled, then you can start adding your links. Your links must be in the full part, you are expected to add the link of the design links.

Using our example, for the home page segment, you are expected to add a link like this or

The links you add here is the design link not the main domain link, this is very important else your site won’t work.

Here, you are simply instructing our system to fetch what’s in that URL to display on your link with us, so we fetch what’s in the external link to show on your link with us. That’s why all links instructions must be followed in step 2 else; your site won’t work correctly.


Summary of what to do;

  • You can register a new domain or use a sub domain of a site you already own. The site can be hosted anywhere.
  • Install the CMS you want to use on that link, or if you are building from scratch. Just start building and install to that new domain or sub domain.
  • Build your website, using your modified prices you have set in your Reseller panel, or you connect using the pricing API. So that it displays on your website the current price when you modify them without having to modify your website again. Else, just set them manually, everything still works!
  • Set up links correctly: When designing, links on the site should be your main domain. If you are linking the shared hosting page for example and you are designing on, link it inside your design as which is your main domain inside your designs.
  • Check if everything is fine, link images as full part. WordPress already does this for you.
  • Go to your Reseller’s dashboard and locate the ‘Custom Design’ menu, start adding the links. The links you add here is the link of where the page exists on the url you designed on. From our example above, is the link we are designing to, so the home page will be added as or then link every page you have designed this way. Remember that first; you need to enable this feature on that same page.
  • Check your designed website on your main domain as and be sure everything works correctly!
  • For domain name check from your front end, you should send the value to the billing segment. Input name should be called domain then the action should be https://your-domain/bill/index.php then method must be POST. Form name can be anything you wish. If you set this properly, when anyone enters a domain name to check from your design it will be sent to your billing area to check if domain is available or not.
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