Reseller's Panel

How to add an additional admin to your site as a reseller

You can have access to add more admins to your website panel as a reseller. They can also perform equal role just as the main admin. Now we would put you through how you can modify sub admins as a reseller by following these steps.






From your reseller dashboard, navigate straight to setup then click on site. Once you’ve done that, you will be directed to a page where you will be able to click on sub admin page to continue the process. See below as it’s being shown on my screen.































Then begin to add your admin from Admin1, Admin 2 to Admin 5.




























Now the next step is to click on  ”Add/Modify Sub Admin”. Once of you’ve clicked on that, a small page pops up which allows you to input/add list of admin you want to add from 1-5, once you’ve added then click on ”Create/Modify Sub Admin”. See below on my screenshot.

















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