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How to add a new product as a Super Admin

Creating a product is an essential configuration which must be done. Products are the services you render and whatever you set here is what appears on the resellers’ website and your billing and resellers’ billing. We would be guiding you with samples on how you can easily add your new product.






From your dashboard navigate to Super Admin, once you’ve performed the action a box menu pops up with ”Products” click on  product and select ”Product and Modules”.



























After the previous action, a page like this opens. But don’t worry, just navigate straight to ”Add Products”





























Here is just the sample of me filling the necessary information. After you must have filled in the information then click on the Save Product button.













Name: This is the Product name.

Intro: This product introduction. It will appear on your billing’s page like this


Description: This is the full information about the product where users checking out can read more information about the product.

Category: You need to add the product to a Category which you have already created before now

Subscription Based? Is this a One time payment product or recurring?

Upgradeable? Can users switch from one product to the other via Upgrade?

Addons: Add the product to an Addon which you have already created. A product could be created without an Addon.

Configuration: The configuration segment is the information you would like to store as required by the Module structure which you are using. This is how a simple configuration looks like for a shared hosting product.


Module: This makes it possible for the product to be automatically created after an order has been made.

Status: You should enable the status if you want the product to go live.



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