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How to add meta tags to your website as a reseller

Meta tags are pieces of information you use to tell the search engines and those viewing your site more about your page and the information it contains. Meta tags include: Title tags: the title of your page, which should be unique for every page you publish. Meta description: a description of the content on your page. Here, we would be giving you steps and example on how you can add meta tags to your site as a reseller.






From your reseller dashboard, navigate to set up then click on set configuration once you’ve done that you will be directed to a page with meta tags link option at the top. As you can see on my screen below.





























A page like this appears once you’ve clicked on meta tags as we’ve explained previously. Click on ”Add New Meta Tags” once you’ve done that a small page pops up for you to fill in your meta tags. As it is shown below.




























Here, I am just showing sample of me filling my meta tags. Once you’ve filled, click on the tick box status and click on save meta.






























Then finally, You will be directed to this page with notification at the top ”New tag created” and you will also be able to view your meta tags as you can see below.














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