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Getting Started As A Reseller | Important ToDo

As a reseller,  there are few things you must do to accurately set up your reseller account and reseller site. When you login to your Reseller’s Dashoard you would see some Todo lists which you can simply just follow to be sure it reads 100% completion or you can also follow this guide on how to set them up one after the other.




Completing your list to 100% is important, this should give you little confidence that your site would work correctly. You can follow the progress as you complete each on the list.


This guide will be in several steps, be sure to follow the steps one after the other in order to be sure you aren’t leaving any part undone. Also you can create a Ticket if you are finding any of the steps below difficult to implement.



Create An Account

If you have already created an account you can move on to the next stage.  Go to Account Registration Page to create your account. Make sure you use a valid email address as you would be required to verify this email after registration for full access. Click Here to read how to create an Account if you are finding it difficult creating an account.


Verify Your Email Address

After registration, a confirmation message would be sent to your email with a confirmation link which you need to click to confirm your email address. Please check your SPAM or JUNK folder if it doesn’t appear on your primary inbox folder.



Set Up Profile

The first thing you do when you log in for the first time is to set up your profile. Setting up your profile correctly is very important as you might not be able to access some features without setting up your profile. Here is how to complete your user profile



Set Up 2FA

You should secure your account so that an additional security layer can be added to your account during Login and other account related activities. You can download Google Authenticator or Authy. We recommend Authy because of its simple backup feature even when you lose your phone. This is a guide on how to use Google Authenticator and this is a guide on how to implement AUTHY




Get Verified

Some features might be limited if your account is not verified. You can continue setting up your account without verification until it’s necessary as stipulated by the site Admin.

Note: if you want to upload an image on your account, you must first upload them to your image gallery before you can select the image uploaded for use.




Point A Domain & Basic Configurations

This is the main configuration which makes your reseller site accessible to the World. In order to prevent abuse you can only point your store to a domain name there is no sub domain where you can access your site from. If you want to test your reseller website, you can get some free domains on the internet and later modify it to your original domain.

Note: You should not promote your site from a free domain, except you don’t want to promote it!

For a complete guide on how to configure this page Please Read Here.

Remember that you would need to point your domain to a nameserver, Read this page for more information about setting up this stage.


Change Site Logo & Favicon

Still on the Site settings page, you would see an option to upload a new logo and icon. An icon is what you see on your browser, the recommended icon size is about 50*50 or 50*70. The site logo Is what appears on your website on the header and sometimes footers too depending on the template chosen.




Select Template

You can select a template from the numerous pre-built available templates. Navigate to template selection area, choose and save.

Note: After selecting a template and modifying some text and images, if you change your template again you would lose all those changes!




Setup Withdrawal details

Here, you should setup what your withdrawal method and give the details. When you have earned above your threshold, payment would be sent to your chosen withdrawal method.



Modify Cost Price

By default, 20% is added to the default cost when you access it. You can modify these prices to whatever you wish. The default cost is what the Main Admin has set which you can’t set anything lower. The difference between the default price and your selling price is your profit, and each time someone orders from your reseller site the difference is available to you as earnings.


You can easily click the respective buttons to increase all costs by the percentage seen on those buttons




Modify Website Texts & Images

Without having to study website designing or employ someone to design your site, you can just select and modify pre-built templates. Navigate to Template, edit and change text and images as you want them at whatever language as desired.

You can also build your custom website if you decide not to use any of the Pre-built templates we offer.



Set Up Email Template

You also don’t need lots of configurations for this; we have done the pre-setup for you and selected some nice email pre-templates to use for your website. All you need to do here is to set up an email image header for which email template you wish to use.

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