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FHBRS Server Requirements & Extensions

FHBRS currently works with WHM/CPANEL since it has to create several addon domains for each reseller. So we recommend a VPS or a Dedicated server enviroment for FHBRS to work effectively. Put into consideration a high powered VPS or Dedicated server and measure your server activities. Server power when you have active resellers of 100 would be different from when you have a reseller base of 10,000.

Server requirements can be easily installed from your WHM, but here are the extensions which must be enabled before you can move to the next installation stage.


PHP >7.1 & <7.5:

You can only use between 7.1 to 7.5 of PHP version.


Linux Server:

As long as you are using CPanel this should already be a Linux server.



Curl must be enabled if not already enabled. To enable CURL, Login to WHM and navigate to EasyApache, then click on Customize;


The image below specifies how to change extensions and search for other extensions and activate them.


You would see CURL for several PHP versions, remember to enable CURL for the PHP version you would be using or you simply enable all.




You would need to upload FHBRS downloaded file to the public html folder. You can’t install from a folder or a subdomain it has to be the main domain inside the public html folder.




This must be enabled. You can check this from CPANEL if it’s disabled then simply enable it from PHP INI.



This must be enabled. You can check this from CPANEL if it’s disabled then simply enable it from PHP INI.



You can follow the guide above on how to enable this extension from WHM.



FHBRS has been configured to ONLY work on https enabled domains. Also, all your reseller’s domain must also be on https. There are several services that allows this and easily installs ssl for all your addon domains. Let’s Encrypt is one and it works well with WHM/CPanel.

Read about how to install from here or contact us for a free help.






There are other settings you need to do for FHBRS to work correctly. These setups are straight forward and easy to implement.


1) Enabling Remote Addons Domains  on WHM:

Some  resellers would point a domain and add it to the resellers settings page and since their domain is not active they won’t be able to set other pages on their dashboard which requires their domain to be active.

Sometimes, propagation could take up to 72 hours depending on so many factors. After a very close study; we noticed that if this feature is enabled, when the reseller adds the domain via the dashboard instead of waiting till the DNS points to the server’s IP DNS it will temporarily add the domain as an addon then Propagation would then be faster.

We have recorded lots of success using this method and we are confident it will also work correctly for you. To enable this, please follow this guide; From WHM, search for ‘Tweak’




2) Email Limit:

If you enable Resellers to be able to create custom Email addresses remember to Limit the number of emails they can send per hour so that your server won’t be used for Unsolicited bulk mailing by some spammers who want to take advantage of this.


3) DDOS Protection:

If you have 1,000 active resellers this means you have x1,000 ways of making extra sales and also x1,000 open to DDOS attacks by different persons who want to try their Luck on your service.  You should enabled basic DDOS protection and then upgrade as you notice changes.


4) LiveChats

With FHBRS you can easily manage all resellers and all their customers right from one Livechat system. First, you need to search for a Livechat system that allows multiple domains so that it can work across all reseller’s domain.

The Super Admin is responsible for providing support to all reseller’s customers either via the Livechat or just the Ticket. You can disable the Livechat support system from your dashboard if you don’t want to provide Livechat support.


4) Domain’s Nameservers

You would need to register custom nameservers where your users would point their domain to. You could register something like ns1.yourdomain, ns2.yourdomain and you can also add ns3 and ns4 if you can have them configured. You would need to insert this into the installation process when installing FHBRS on your server.

In other to maintain the White Labeled structure, you should not register these nameservers with your original domain, you should get a generic domain and register them for your resellers to point; like or whatever, this might be an issue when users look up this information as to where the site is being hosted.



If you face any issue installing FHBRS, contact us and we shall help for free!

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