FHBRS License Reselling Explained

We have made the license reselling very attractive for businesses who want to resell the FHBRS License and make profit. The license is easy to sell as we cover lots of businesses who can use the software to improve sales online.

All reselling packages are valid for 1 year and you would continue to make recurrent profits as long as you renew your license yearly. Depending on your package type, you would be able to create different licenses as the case may be. You can Revoke, Suspend, or Disable any of these licenses.


The reselling packages are as follow:
Package 1 – Cost @ $3,000/year. You get $5,000 total resell value (60% profit)
Package 2 – Cost @ $7,000/year. You get $15,400 total resell value (120% profit)
Package 3 – Cost @ $25,000/year. You get $70,000 total resell value (180% profit)
Package 4 – Cost @ $50,000/year. You get $170,000 total resell value (240% profit)
Package 5 – Cost @ $75,000/year. You get $225,000 total resell value (300% profit)
Package 6 – Cost @ $100,000/year. You get $460,000 total resell value (360% profit)


Illustration: Our license cost for START-UP COMPANY Package is $150/Month. If you subscribe for the Package 1 which sells for $3,000 Yearly, you would be able to create a START-UP COMPANY license at just $60 then you can sell at your own price. If you have subscribed to the Package 6 at $100,000 Yearly, you are able to create a START-UP COMPANY plan at  -$390 which is related to you creating the license for $0 to resell at your own price.


Advantages: Our official prices remains at what we have advertised, the reseller packages means you are able to resell our licenses at prices even lower than what we offer. As long as you are offering ‘Discounted Prices’, users would prefer to use third party license resellers.

You are also able to sell at your own price, this makes the whole reselling process very interesting as you can also decide to offer free licenses or give very heavy discounts to attract subscribers.



Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you offer Monthly pricing for the reseller packages?

Ans: NO we don’t. All reseller pricing are billed annually.


2) Is Recurrent subscription possible after first year?

Ans: Yes, they remain your customers and when you renew you continue to enjoy from their subscription forever.


3) What happens if I don’t renew?

Ans: If you don’t renew your subscription, your existing subscribers would be lost as they would automatically be pointed to our list of subscribers and they start to pay our license fee from the following Month.


4) Will my customers be able to move to another reseller?

Ans: Before someone can change their license supplier, they must have at least spent a year with a current license provider before they can switch licenses. So this will give a balanced competition for both the big and small license resellers.


5) Can I cancel my subscription?

Ans: Subscription can be cancelled if within 30days there is no single subscribed user using your issued license. However, there are 2 conditions here: first within 30days; second is that there is no one using your license.


6) How do I manage & create licenses?

Ans: After subscribing, you would be able to issue new licenses via the API system or from your dashboard creating coupon codes.


7) Will you send me users to use my license?

Ans: NO we won’t. Users who come to our website will subscribe using our own official pricing, you are expected to advertise your business and attract users to use your own license.


8) What are the possible solutions to users who want to switch license providers?

Ans: Our licenses are issued based on user’s domain name and IP address. IP address which could change but the domain isn’t supposed to. In other to protect unequal competition, switching licenses is literally not possible. But if the customers are bent on switching licenses, then the only recommendation would be to issue your own license to them on a new domain and then upload backups to the new install.


9) Are there differences in license offered by FHBRS and the licenses offered by Resellers?

Ans: There is no difference, it’s the same. Just that resellers are able to offer the same license at cheaper rates because they have paid some amount of money ahead which helps us improve the system on the long run.

10) Is Support same for customers on FHBRS and customers from resellers?

Ans: Yes. It’s the same application, same project, same support and same company. So there is no difference rendering this service. They all use the same application so we issue same support for everyone.



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