FHBRS as a tool for other services providing free reselling system for resellers online.

The initial focus was just for web hosting companies on how they can allow their resellers resell domains, hosting services and other addon services too. After the second phase of development we noticed that FHBRS can also be configured as a tool for other services too. Web design service, Seo services, Marketing services and many more.


Available default templates too can be modified to show the service offered by the main Company. Resellers also still have the option to build their website from scratch using any CMS of their choice.

From time to time, we continue to add very interesting Modules to the already existing developed modules on FHBRS. We strongly recommend this solution for businesses as it would increase their number of sales easily.


If your business module type hasn’t  been developed send us a message, if we consider this we would add this for free so you can start using FHBRS.

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