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Creating Addons For SMM Products on FHBRS

Just like the Shared hosting addon structure, the SMM also has few rules to follow. In other for the cost to show correctly on the reseller’s front end like this;


The segment for Min order, Max order & the Avg Completion Time would be constructed to be what you have set it to be in val1, val2 and val3. The Col1-Col3  can be anything but the Val1-Val3 must be the information you want displayed for all resellers template. This is an example of setting up an addon.

What you insert as Val1 is what would show as the product’s Min order and what you set as Val2 is what will show as the product’s Max Order and what you set as Val2 is what would show as the product’s Average Completion Time.

If all the products have the same configuration, then you can just attach the same addon for all products else you would need to create a seperate addon for each product. The name of the addon can be anything you can remember it to be so that when you are adding it to the product you would be able to diiferentiate which addon is for which product.


Modification: If you modify an addon, the configuration would also change across all reseller’s website.

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